Southern Confidence™ Body Powder Lotion

We invented a male deodorant specifically for men who take pride in their masculine daily hygiene. Applying deodorant to your underarms may seem routine, but you are ignoring another important area.

Southern Confidence™ is body powder without the powdery mess.  It absorbs sweat and odor so you feel dry and fresh throughout your active day.  Applies as a lotion, dries as a smooth powder.

Unlike other intimate deodorant cream solutions, Southern Confidence™ is formulated with all natural and organic ingredients and without Talc, Aluminum, and Parabens.  

Proudly made in the USA.

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Trust your butler
By RS on April 30, 2017
When Al Roker says "it's gonna be a hot one" I'm faced with one of two decisions as I'm getting dressed for work in the damp all day or powder up. Do you know how difficult it is to keep baby powder from showing up on a dark navy suit...impossible, but what am I supposed to do...walk around like a baby that just made a wet in his diaper?

Fast forward to last week when I'm talking with my buddy and he's telling me about how he used this lotion rather than powder. See he lost his fantasy football season last year and as punishment he had to wear a tuxedo and be the butler during a weekend for a bunch of his fantasy football buddies. They put him to work serving beers and cooking breakfast all weekend...he kept complaining about how "this was never part of the deal" and whatnot, but lets get to the point. This guy sweats. Sweats right through a tux. He's gross. BUT he keeps raving about how great this stuff is and actually kept him dry.

I Amazon Prime it on the spot and have the lotion ready for the next time Al warns me about the inferno outside. Sure enough, its 85 in the city on Friday and I take the stuff on a test drive. What else can I say other than this stuff works.

The balls stay dry. The suit stays clean. The butler's still gross.

Drains the Swamp...
By JR1986 on April 30, 2017
This product delivers as promised. Kept me dry and comfortable on a hot and humid day walking around NYC. Perfect for the active guy who is on the go, this will keep you cool and confident for any situation (weddings, yard work, day drinking in the heat) where things might get a little swampy down south.

One hombre's review of Hombre
By Eddie on April 27, 2017
I have a physically demanding job and I am constantly sweating. I am self conscious of the odors that my body could be giving off, so I searched for a body lotion for certain body parts. I stumbled upon this product and decided to give it a try.....Safe to say that it is awesome! Definitely recommend it to anyone that does not want to give off odors at work or in a public setting.

Rub On, Dry Off
By Mad Dog on April 18, 2017
This lotion is a must have for anyone who is looking for a cool, comfortable "down under" while working out, in hot weather, or just everyday motion. After lathering this on my southern area for the first time, I enjoyed this product so much that I purchased one for my brother-in-law, Pat. Let me tell you - his wife has never been happier (and not what you're thinking). You see, Pat was the type of dude who would use medicated powder to the extreme - It got to the point where he couldn't live without it. He would take a heap of powder and really get down under. But now since Pat has been using the lotion, they no longer have that awkward moment when they have friends over and it looks like a bag of flour exploded all over the toilet. The lotion goes on smooth, and it will dry for a nice cool feel. Not to mention the lotion comes in a nice sleek black bottle that looks like it's just a shampoo or conditioner, so that way everyone doesn't have to know that you have sweaty balls when you're carrying around the yellow and red medicated powder bottle at the gym. This is a must have for any dude out there that wants to have a nice cool feel to their Southern region.

No more awkwardly squeezing baby powder between my legs
By Kindle Customer on April 18, 2017
No more awkwardly squeezing baby powder between my legs (is that how you're supposed to do it?). A quick lather on the hands, some gentle massaging and viola, dry and pleasant all day long. Not sure with what witchcraft they concocted this cream, but I wasn't left with the awkward residue the rest of the day to remind me, "hey you rubbed something all over you gentlemanly area earlier today" either.

Finally, no one can smell my balls! Great product!!
By PF on April 18, 2017
I'm the kind of man that doesn't give Amazon reviews. I'm the kind of man that wipes ointment on my ballsack so it doesn't smell. I don't do it for me as much as for everyone else. That's the kind of man I am-selfless. No one likes someone with smelly balls, remember your cousin Jimmy? He was the worst.

I was a firm believer in the smell test, conspicuously rubbing your fingers across your southern region and then to your nostrils to determine if a shower was necessary, but with this product, I can no longer do that. Sadly, I cannot remember what my balls smell like naturally, but I know they smell better with this lotion lathered all over them.

Awesome cream! Great buy!
By Tim H. on April 15, 2017
The cream went on very smooth, dried quickly, and did it's job of keeping my southern area comfortable. This cream is perfect for heavy activity. I was recently in Florida and wish I had it for those long sweaty days. This is worth the purchase.

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What is this for?
Glad you asked. The polite answer is that it reduces perspiration in male-specific anatomy, much in the way that baby powder does (without the powdery mess). Put another way, your balls (and butt crack) do not get sweaty even during an active day in a humid, hot area.

Why a lotion?
Typical male body deodorizing solutions are in powder form. Effective, but messy. Southern Confidence™ removes the mess as it is applied as a lotion and later dries as an invisible powder. (Note that it is important to wash your hands after applying if you do not want to leave a powdery residue anywhere that your fingers touch.)

Does it last a full day?
After rigorous personal testing out in the wild by the two makers of Southern Confidence™, we are confident it will last the full day for most guys out there. Southern Confidence™ has so far held up for a full day of hiking, for runs longer than 10 miles, and for 12+ hours of navigating New York City's streets and subway during the summer. Ultramarathons have yet to be tested.

Does this product contain talc or any synthetic preservatives?
No, Southern Confidence™ is formulated from ingredients that are 100% natural. It is cornstarch based and contains no talc, aluminum, or parabens.

Does this product contain menthol?
No, Southern Confidence™ contains no menthol or alcohol, and can be applied without fear of burning or tingling down south.

How long should a bottle last?
A little bit goes a long way. Most guys experience 3+ months of daily usage per 6oz. bottle, depending on frequency of application and size of "target area."

Is the product scented?
No, Southern Confidence™ is completely unscented.

Can women use this product?
We're told that Southern Confidence™ works well for the underboob area. Personally we can't vouch for that, but it makes sense.

1. Shower
2. Apply to Southern Region
3. Wash Hands
4. Get Dressed
5. Get Active