Alcala Deodorizing Body Wipes (30 Count)

Alcala Deodorizing Body Wipes (30 Count)

If you're someone who lives an active lifestyle, and who is committed to maintaining a healthy and hygienic body, we have the perfect product for you. We believe that active individuals should not sacrifice their commitment to an active lifestyle for the sake of being fresh and clean throughout the day.

Alcala Deodorizing Body Wipes efficiently eliminate the dirt, grime, and sweat of your busy and purposeful day.


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Good for men AND women
By Amazon Customer on May 7, 2017
I often go to the gym or a yoga class at work, and sometimes it's tough to fit in time to shower. I was looking for a way to freshen up and this body wipe fits the bill! The wipe folds out into a larger square that allows you to really wipe off any sweat. There was no stickiness or dryness that often comes with similar products. After using the wipe, I felt very clean and refreshed. Very well-made product that gets the job done!

Buy this without reservation! Best product.
By Daniel on April 29, 2017
I don't usually post reviews but this product has been exceptional both in customer service and product itself that really compelled me write a review. I've had the opportunity to try this and several other competitor products and this is the best compared to others: it is sizeable, robust, and cleans effectively. I've found that I would have to use 3 sheets of the other products to one of this wipe and in the end, this is much more economical and does its job effectively. Also, the order that I first placed apparently had water damage from storage at amazon warehouse, to no fault of this manufacturer. Hombre Body proactively contact me and sent a replacement immediately without any issues whatsoever. They also followed up to make sure I'm 100% satisfied. This is how customer service should be. I highly recommend this product 110%.

Excellent product
By Josh F. on April 27, 2017
I'm a quadriplegic who can't always shower every day. After using these wipes I feel just as clean and refreshed as if I'd taken a shower. They clean and deodorize, leaving a light masculine scent. The packaging allows you to take and keep a few anywhere. This is truly a great product.

We need these!
By Nunnya Bisniss on April 19, 2017
We use them for our 24 and 72 hour bags in the military. I am an EOD tech and we get pretty grungy, especially when in Level A/B or the bomb suit. This is the first pack of shower wipes I have ever had that I actually used and didn't toss out. Specifically, I bought more after discovering this and finding the need to resupply mine after using them up on my last deployment. All others have fallen short, in my opinion. Lots of other products are sticky or leave a soapy, stinky film. We use them to get the scuzz off of us in the field, and they work.

When I first got them, they were a gift. I went to buy more, read the reviews, and found out they sell out quickly! First thing I think I've seen with 100% positive reviews, and I'd be skeptical if I wasn't a user of these before I found them on Amazon. For what it's worth, the rating is well earned and the price is worth it. These are not drugstore wipes; these are for people who need above "mehh..." level gear and don't want to stick to their clothes after use or deal with filmy residue from petroleum or faux aloe. These are much more durable than baby wipes, and lighter to pack especially if you strip down the packaging and Ziploc them.

Thumbs up from a Marine
By Dwane R.F. on April 19, 2017
These body wipes got a huge thumbs up from our Marine son. He is deployed and is at an FOB. Last we talked he said to send him more body wipes that they were extremely valuable. He said he would take them over food or money right now. It is extremely hot where he is. I'll be sending the body wipes once a month.

So greatful
By Ann B. on April 7, 2017
Bravo, I am so happy that I came across these. I am a 50+ yr old woman who suffers from a disease called RSD/CRPS. Those of us who have this litterly feel like we have been set on fire from our insides out. Known as the most painful disease to the medical community, many of us are unable to be touched, hugged, even clothing hurts, breeze's from a warm summer evening also do. Many of us cannot enjoy the simple things that so many take for granted, like a shower the water hitting our bodies feels like razors, knives, glass and all the other things that would be your worst nightmare. Getting in a tub is many times not an option due to physical limitations caused by this disease. The walk-in tub is my biggest dream, but also a nightmare knowing it is just that, forever a dream. So these wipes have been a huge God send to be one of the main items used in my personal care. They are large, strong, scent is nice & pleasant not over powering, they are a refreshing feel, a far cry from most of the other personal care wipes. Thanks for helping me feel better & getting my dignity restored to a level everyone deserves.

Great Product and Well Priced!!
By Amazon Customer on March 27, 2017
I've used a few different types of body wipes after working out before i go to work. I really like these ones, they don't tear easily and they are well priced. Environmentally friendly and work well. I'm gonna stick with these guys from now on.

Great for truck drivers or if you living on the road.
By Amazon Customer on March 22, 2017
I'm the over the road truck driver alot of times i get stuck sleeping at the rest area or at the customers property none of these places have shower rooms so i use to bring baby wipes from home but the smell and the soapy substance in baby wipes is gentle made for baby's skin not a 30 yrs old truck driver so I started looking around to see what people are using on the road or after gym and i came across Hombre body wipes i orderd a box and i love them i use wipe as soon as I wake up to refresh myself in between showers and after bathroom use.Good product keep up the good work

Convenient and refreshing
By Maka Fox on March 20, 2017
These wipes are everything I could have expected and more. Nice texture, gentle but tough. i was concerned about the scent--I'm not fond of heavy perfumes--but it's light, doesn't linger, and leaves me smelling fresh. Most importantly, I feel clean after using them. Okay, not "I just had a 20-minute shower" clean, but fresh enough to face whatever the rest of the day has to offer.

The individually wrapped towels are light and compact, so they'd work great on long hikes or camping trips. Keep a couple in your pack, purse, or briefcase. I would highly recommend these to anyone who would benefit from a quick freshening-up during the day. Go ahead and take that long walk at lunch, knowing that you can clean up before your afternoon meeting. They would also work fine for anyone facing health or safety issues that prevent taking a regular shower.

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What is the wipe made out of?
Our wipes are composed of viscose made from 100% bamboo and are biodegradeable. They are enriched with tea tree oil (which is a natural anti-fungal agent) and other natural ingredients, such as aloe, chamomile oil, and green tea oil. The consistency of each wipe is very soft, and they do not leave the filmy residue commonly found with other wipes.

How durable are these wipes? Do they rip easily?
Our wipes are made to be extremely durable--almost twice the thickness or durability than standard baby wipes. Durability or weight is typically measured by grams per square meter. Most baby wipes are on average 45 grams per square meter--however our wipes are measured at 80 grams per square meter.

Don't take it just from us though--one of our customers responded to this question with: "I'm a former oil field hand, EMT/Firefighter current Flatbed Driver these wipes are super tough! Even scrubbing to get grease of my arms they held up 100%"

What fragrance are they?
Very light, fresh, shower scent. Not a heavy scent.

How big is the wipe?
Each wipe is 10 inches by 10 inches.

Are they flushable?
Unfortunately no.  The tradeoff with having a thick, dense fabric made of super absorbent material such as bamboo, is that the wipe will not break down in sewage or septic systems.  Please do not flush these wipes.  They are, however, made of natural materials and will biodegrade over time.  (Unfortunately the same cannot be said for their packaging, so please recycle the packaging responsibly).


1. Unfold the cloth.
2. Refresh the bod.
3. Dispose the cloth.  (do not flush)