Over 10 years ago, Steven and I met while working as first year teachers at a small, bilingual school in Bologna, Italy.  We were fresh out of college and didn't have much of a clue about our future paths--apart from knowing they should include new experiences, a ton of travel, and the ability to make an impact in some concrete way.

We are no longer teachers (though we enjoyed that experience immensely) and have since developed successful careers in the business sector--Steven as a successful eCommerce expert and me as a marketing consultant.  But we still haven't quite figured out that last part above, the part about making an impact, and so two years ago we combined our skills to form this little company--committed to creating high quality, ethically sourced products with a core focus on natural ingredients.

We have a handful of simple but meaningful criteria.  To the maximum possible extent, our products will be made of natural, eco-friendly ingredients, they will be manufactured using fair and ethical providers, and they will be produced here in the USA.  Most importantly--our products are ones that we ourselves would want to use daily.

It's been a fun journey so far.  When we started we knew absolutely nothing what it would take to source our own products, nor how to juggle staying profitable while focused on high quality ingredients and fair practices.  We've had to fire an untrustworthy manufacturer without a ready replacement, had to navigate unforeseen shipping delays, and had to personally repackage and replace a shipment that was water-damaged.  We've also received dozens of rewarding notes & reviews from firefighters, EMTs, and military families, from busy and harried parents, and from individuals who have difficulty taking showers due to medical conditions.

To those customers and to any new customers out there, we say thank you.  Thank you for your kind words and your positive reviews, and thank you for giving our products a try. We are 100% owner-operated, bootstrapped, and proud to be so--and we take tremendous pride in our customer service.  Please shoot us a note at hello@alcalasandiego.com with any questions, concerns, feedback--or even just to say hi--we'd love to hear from you.

Sincerely yours, 
Steven & Robert