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Bravo, I am so happy that I came across these... They are large, strong, scent is nice & pleasant not over powering, they are a refreshing feel, a far cry from most of the other personal care wipes.

Ann, April 2017 See All Reviews

Great for camping or outdoor activities, but I also travel a lot, so I slip a few of these in my carry-on just in case. Very pleased with them and would recommend to anyone on the go. You will not be disappointed.

Anthony, March 2017 See All Reviews

These are amazing! They are really big and thick, too. The texture is smooth, and they are nice and moist. The fragrance is light and quite pleasant. I feel refreshed, I smell better and there is no tacky residue afterwards.

Kellergirl, July 2017 See All Reviews

I've tried 3 other shower wipes besides yours, and yours are hands-down the best. ...Yours are wonderfully textured, stay saturated in their own foil envelopes, so I don't have to worry about them drying out if I don't use them up right away

MJL, August 2017 See All Reviews

I bought these wipes a couple months ago to use after gym workouts since I like to go on my lunch break and don’t have time for a shower after. They are awesome! They’re huge, fully moistened, and have a light gender-neutral scent.

Elvia, January 2018 See all Reviews

These wipes are just awesome - I feel clean, fresh and deodorized after I use one. And they are super gentle as I have very sensitive skin. I use them now after a work out, or any sports activity to freshen myself up. 

rgdmachine, January 2018 See all Reviews

That is the real gain with these beyond getting clean...that refreshed, energized feeling that gets you headed onto the next adventure... And on top of it being a great product, the company is small, and the wipes are made right here in the U.S.

UE See all reviews

...ordered these to have on hand after a surgery. Showering was impossible for the first five days and difficult even after that. These wipes are large and strong, stayed together well and allowed me to wipe myself down thoroughly without coming apart... 

John F. M. See all reviews

I like this product a lot. It is strong and sturdy. It's the perfect size and has the right amount of liquid for a nice whole body refresh. It has a pleasantly mild, gender-neutral scent. I like that botanicals are among the ingredients.

Owen K. See all reviews

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